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   Journey Into The Heart Of Nature                 

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Paradise Adventures is an insping outdoor adventure company but critical goal is to increase awareness of environmental issues on an individual human scale and offer equally simple solutions for resolving those issues. Our aim is to promote outdoor adventure, passionate people and change the world one environmentally-conscious individual at a time. 

In today’s world, man has lost touch with nature. Urban problems such as over population, poverty, food shortage, waste disposal and pollution have caused severe damage to our natural ecosystem which is in a constant battle to maintain ecological homeostasis and harmony.

 But just when all hope for a clean and green future seems to be disappearing, we at Paradise Adventures have taken up the task of giving back to Mother Nature, for a change.

We are the first ever eco-friendly adventure company to be recognized by the Government of Karnataka. We are a team of  nature enthusiasts out on a mission to spread awareness about the natural environment and help clean up the mess the past generations have been making. Paradise Adventures equips you perfectly to take on your perfectly customized adventure destination.
We provide gears and equipment to protect you from head to toe for a whole range of activities. Alongside quenching your thirst for fun and adventure, we have also taken the initiative to create a greener tomorrow by encourages the planting of trees.
So, what are you thinking? Come on and join us. We not only  guarantee a safe and exciting camping experience but  also help you become a more environmentally conscious individual.

       PARADISE ADVENTURES                         Social Service Campaigns (PASS)

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Adopt a Free Fruit Tree Today!


 Public Service Initative by Paradise Adventures. 

We strive to increase the availability of free fruits in Karnataka in the next five years. 

Join us  today to take this little step and plan a healthier and greener tomorrow . 



  • Adopt a Fruit Tree Campaigns 
  • Cleaning Public Areas - Picking Littered Plastic
  • Do Not Litter - Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Keep It Clean - Dustbin Installation Programs

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